Monday, October 25, 2004

Hooray for today! My heart is filled with utter elation for everything and everyone!

My weekend seemed to go pretty well. Friday night we wound up going to see The John Sparrow (formerly the Tie That Binds). I met the guy a few years back while they were performing a show in Nacadoches and he seemed pretty cool. Dorky guy with messy blonde hair, old t-shirt and jeans, big glasses with thick black frames. I purchased from him 1 tape and 1 tshirt. When we got to Rudyard's I saw what appeared to be him so I went up to him and asked if they had played yet. The guy pointed to another fellow standing near the bar and said, "that's the dude you're looking for" and as I looked in the direction he was pointing, all I saw was this ROCKSTAR with a big yellow hairstyle that bordered on mullet with a shirt that was covered in so many stars I thought I'd been beat up on the elevator by Droopy Dog, and I think he had on some polyester pants too. He didn't even have his glasses! All I could think was "Thomas J needs his glasses!! He can't see without his glasses!" This might be an ok look for someone who I hadn't met before. But I guess, as his music transformed, so did his style. Unfortuantely, his personality seemed to change too and that is a shame. After talking to him for less than a minute, I was dumfounded and swore to myself that no matter how good the music sounded, I would forbid myself to like it purely out of principal. Audrey says he was just high. I am a lot nicer when I am high. So, by the time they played, I can honestly say I don't remember what they sounded like. My entire world centered on gathering all of the people I came with so we could go to Katz's and get some fried pickles.

I love me some fried pickles.

There was a band that I really liked there called The Good Looks. Audrey shook so hard to that band that I was seriously considering what to do when her head snapped off and rolled to my feet.

We went to see The Grudge yesterday. If you have seen The Ring, don't bother with The Grudge. Same movie...just less scary.


Blogger crazy girl said...

1. the ring was NOT good or scary
2. the grudge WAS weird and NOT scary, but better than the ring - besides, what kind of tape could really cause you to die in seven days. it's not real you know. all movies about ghosts and devils and devil children should all be based on a true story and the ring definately was not.

oh, and audrey's head didn't roll off at the bar, but it did come off at katz's - right in front of the stairs. ha ha ha ha ha

1:03 PM  
Blogger sexylovepit's momma said...

High? You get high? *sexylovepit's momma passes out from shock* Is that a euphemism for "drunk" nowadays?

Please give the lovely Jeanie a swat for me and tell her happy birthday. If you see Audrey, tell her fuck! Love, Mom

P.S. To other readers...that's not a bad word to Audrey. It's a term of endearment.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ring was god awful...and I have had no desire to see The Grudge.


9:14 AM  

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