Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Supersize Me

I rented that documentary about the guy who eats nothing but McDonald's for 30 days straight last night. I had to wait until Brendan went on a business trip because he refuses to watch documentaries about how the government is hiding huge secrets from us and how corporations shall be the downfall of society (or really, propaganda aimed at small minded people) with me because we will get in an argument which will inevitably end with me getting pissed off but saying nothing's wrong when he asks me but secretly thinking he is close minded and easily influenced by people like Michael Moore who have nothing better to do with their time but try to turn Americans against America when we need to be is supporting our country as best we can. Now, I don't doubt that there may be some truth in these "documentaries" and I don't doubt that the government hides a lot of things from the American people, but come on, any person who slams that much junk food - no matter if they buy it from McDonald's or the grocery store - is going to face serious health risks. And people sue! They claim it is McDonald's fault that they have no self control and are somehow forced to indluge in Big Macs and McFlurries on a daily basis. I have been through my own share of ideals - at one point I worked for a nonprofit environmental organization and walked around at night by myself in strange neighborhoods asking strangers for money so we could clean up the air in Austin because ALCOA (in Bastrop) was causing Austin children to develop asthma because I felt it was my duty to save the world or what little part of it I was able to. The other canvassers I worked with so far to the left that their own view of the world was blurry - and I learned that I can do as much as I can to save the world, but when it comes down to it, I need to know when to back off so I don't give myself a stomach ulcer worrying about what kind of shit is floating around in the air that i breathe and how sad it is that people get fat from eating McDonald's everyday and how the government is screwing us everyday. My point is, people just need to chill a little bit and worry more about what is real instead of jumping on far left/ far right badwagons. You people are all gonna die early because you worry so much about conspiracies - and that's fine with me. That's more polluted air for my lungs.


Blogger crazy girl said...

right on, sista!!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Chris Cope said...

Actually, I am forced to indulge in McFlurries on a daily basis. It's a condition of my U.S. citizenship. Man, my dad is an idiot for agreeing to that deal.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Sir Craig of Highbury said...

But Crystal, you smoke cigarettes. Go pollute your lungs girl and pay to do so!!!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Actually, Craig - I am in the process of quitting the cigarettes. They are not good for me. However, I hope you are not disappointed that I won't be able to blow smoke in your face on a regular basis. :)

6:39 AM  

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