Friday, October 29, 2004

Beware of Zaphoid Beeblebox!!!!!!!

Zaphoid Beelblebox is a hater.

Zaphoid Beeblebox sends messages to your computer acting like he is your friend, but when you open it up, you realize he is not your friend at all.

Sometimes Zaphoid Beeblebox even sends emails through people you know and work with and then you open it up and say "Zaphoid Beeblebox! You stinker! I knew it was you!"

So, if you happen to get an email from Zaphoid Beeblebox, do not open it because it will mess up your computer and screw up an entire day's work forcing you to play spider sollitaire for 6 hours - or until you win at least 10 games or get pretty far on 12.


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