Monday, November 01, 2004


Wanna see some pictures? Click here.


Blogger audreytheamazing said...

hullo, this is audrey and her e-poo mole. i wanted to come alone but the mole insisted that it tag along, so here we are. anywhoo, we just wanted to tell ol' Anna that she's in the top three coolest chicks i know...not including myself, and that if i could be anybody else in the world it would be.... well, not her, but definatly one of her alter ego's, like Super-cowgirl-hooker-boots-and-undies-Chick, or Captain Bathmat. She is the super-funniest girl and i'm glad that she is my best friend and that she is great friends with my other best friend Gena and her amazing "Holy Septum" She is a wonderful person, a great speller, a cheap date, super fun, and most importantly, her mom says "FUCK"!! Much Fuck to you, mom. Hope all is well. Ps. gena is a liar. I have all of my hair. Too much to tell you the truth. And everybody gets to bust their asses in public sometimes. It helps level the "I'm the SuperBadassoftheWorld Hormone" from which i suffer often due to the solicited comments from my two best freinds... mwaahaaahaa...monkeys.... Okay, that's all. i just love you. and i hope you are knowing how spatchal you are TOOO MEEE. much lizove. -a.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

i busted my ass in public once. it was much more embarassing than Audrey's fall because I was trying to kick someone in the head and lost my footing and it was infront of a bunch of people i knew and i missed his head completely and everybody laughed at me. that's what i get for trying to kick someone in the head when they are not expecting it.

and you are spatchal to me too. especially on tuesdays. :)

1:59 PM  
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