Monday, November 22, 2004

Trade You Some Top for Some Bottom...

I was eating a pack of Smarties this afternoon when Stephanie came in my office and promptly removed my candy dish from my desk! She said I didn't need them. It's because both of us weigh the exact same - cept the weight is distributed differently. Hers is in her butt and mine is in my boobs. So we decided to have a who-can-lose-5-pounds-the-fastest race, but it has turned into bitch-that's-the-third-mcrib-you-have-had-this-week-and-i-have-been-eating-tuna-and-reduced-fat-wheat-thins-no-fair diet. No fair that Steph can have McDonald's and I am not allowed to finish my sixth roll of smarties! You would think I wouldn't mind her fast food affinity seeing as how I would win and she would have to buy me our decided booty consisting "a healthy lunch!" but it is much more satisfying to call each other fat while gorging ourselves on smarties and pork loaf.

I don't even give a care, Stephanie! I will eat ice! So there!


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