Friday, October 27, 2006

Your Heart Felt Good, It Was Dripping Pitch and Made of Wood

It's Friday, bitches!

And I am out of the funk I was in yesterday. Thanks to Bill for that...and myself I guess. I'm the only one who can pick myself up off the ground.

Sometimes I act like a teenager. (Except I got a lot more play when I was a teenager. Yeah, I was kind of a whore*. I have sense now so I guess I have moved up the ranks to slut or skank or skeez.) For example, yesterday I would have dressed all in black with black lipstick and black nail polish and I would have moped around/flung myself dramatically across my desk and sobbed uncontrollably (which almost did happen) while the douchepump in the next office kept coming over (when I was obviously in tears) to ask about flaring. Does it look like I give a fuck about flaring? Can't you see??? My life is over here!!!

Then, last night, I happened to grow balls. I did. I looked down and I was like, "Oh! Balls!"

I feel better today.

*Mom, I didn't have sex for money. In fact, I didn't have sex at all in highschool. I did, however, make out with half the city. K. Thanks.


Blogger The Grunt said...

Winter is coming, so you'll be able to keep your balls for awhile longer this time.

Leave it to you to quote MM. Tre cool, chica. When is Isaac Brock gonna get off his ass and put out a new album? I hope he didn't join The Wiggles.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Love the quote...

8:39 AM  

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