Friday, December 05, 2008

Someone emailed me this news story today and I laughed so hard I blew a snot rocket that half went on my computer and half went on my co-worker's backpack so I had to share it with you guys.


Blogger heatherfeather said...

I snorted when I read that. AWESOMENESS for Friday.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Red Flashlight said...

Hilarious! My husband just told me he tried to sell that spider drawing on E-Bay.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous denise said...

Too Funny! That spider sold for USD $10k on eBay!! Not by the creator, David Thorne, but by someone who David "gave" the spider to:
Wonder if it'll actually get paid for. I couldn't find the item to see if payment had been made. Guess eBay has changed the "completed" search limitations.
I did find these though - looks like there were a couple trying to jump on this silly spider "bandwagon"...

11:18 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

You have run afoul with me by posting spider pictures, regardless of how funny they may be.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Stephanepanie said...

The spider still only had 7 legs at the end.

10:51 AM  

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