Friday, August 21, 2009


Work has been kicking my butt these days. People can’t seem to keep their fingers attached to their hands (I will spare you the pictures) or the oil in their tanks. So, after putting in several hours of overtime and having a 5 hour meeting with people who work for the state’s regulatory agency, I was sort of stressed out. I came home late last night and Ryan was watching tv and I started asking him questions and then you know what he did?? He did not answer me. And so I asked again. And he still did not answer me! And then I kind of sort of, well, I lost my shit. I hate being ignored and so I got up and threw a pillow in his direction and went to bed.

I was laying there thinking how I shouldn’t have done that and going through the conversation we would have once he came to bed. It went like this:

Him: I can’t believe you threw a pillow at me!
Me: I don’t even care!
Him: That is so disrespectful!
Me: Well, mister, it is disrespectful to ignore me!
Him: You’re right. I’m really sorry.
Me: I have already accepted your apology in my mind, but I am glad you were able to verbalize it.

This is how the conversation actually went:

Him: I’m sorry I made you mad.
Me: I’m sorry I threw a pillow at you.
Him: You spilled my Gatorade
Me: Did it get everywhere?
Him: Yes
Me: Did it get on the recliner?
Him: No.
Whew! Having to clean up Gatorade off the floor is one thing, but having to scrub fake suede makes a huge difference.
Me: (Remembering that I was mad and trying to get back on track with my imagined conversation) Then what’s the big deal?? Do we not have more Gatorade in the fridge? GOD.
Him: We do.
Me: Well, I am sorry you made me so mad that I had to throw a pillow and spill your Gatorade.

Then he just got in bed and cuddled me. I am pretty sure that is exactly what I needed all night.

I did apologize this morning for being so dramatic, but I did it very quickly and then changed the subject immediately.


Blogger Fat Sparrow said...

Ach, we've all done it. At least you're in a relationship where you can deal with it and then move forward. With my ex-husband, I would have to physically stand in front of the TV to block the screen before he'd even acknowledge my existence, and that was for something basic, like "What would you like for dinner tonight?"

Yep, there's a reason he's an ex.

So take heart, it'll be okay, and, as the Spouse Sparrow likes to remind me, "Nothing says 'sorry' like a blow-job."

10:36 PM  
Blogger mysterg said...

I can see a new marketing slogan:

"Gatorade: Great tasting but not worth kicking your missus out of bed for"

11:50 AM  

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